What are your fees?

This varies depending on number of hours, number of musicians and travel time.  Please contact Ladybelle for a tailored quote.

What is the booking process?

Once you decide to make a booking, Ladybelle will send you an agreement booking form where you can outline all the specifications for the event including the address, load in times, dress code and other details.  The fees will be clearly outlined in the agreement and there will be no additional costs unless you request an extended performance at the event.  Both parties will sign the agreement and a 30% deposit will be required to secure the booking. The balance is then due 7 days after the event.  That’s it!

What management experience do you have?

Ladybelle has herself worked at senior levels in the government and music industry.  Ladybelle has high level management and project management experience and brings these skills to delivering music services for your event.

Will you be bringing all the necessary equipment?

Yes.  The band is fully self contained and all you need to supply is the power point.

Can you play dancing music as well?

Yes, the band can tailor the performance to suit you.

Do you travel outside Sydney?

Yes. Extra fees apply once the band has to travel an hour or longer.

How long will your breaks be?

Musicians need to take 15 minute breaks every hour.  An iPod can be provided (or you can use your own iPod through our PA) to play music during the breaks.  Ladybelle ensures high professionalism when it comes to taking only the required break times.

What refreshments does the band require for functions?

If the function is three hours or longer, the musicians require a meal and this will be outlined in the agreement booking form.  Water will also be required and soft drinks and/or a glass of wine is appreciated by the band where possible.

Do the musicians require lighting?

Yes, the musicians require adequate lighting to read music.  If you are planning to have dim lighting at your event the band can bring lighting for their music stands.  This can be requested in the booking agreement form.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Ladybelle.